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Liberator Hipster in Red Microfibre

Liberator Hipster in Red Microfibre

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Liberator Hipster in red microfibre

Liberator Hipster in Red Microfibre – Spice up your sexual lives with the Liberator Hipster. Let the high and low curves of this beautiful Liberator Hipster shape guide u and your lover into an assortment of new positions. It is amazing how a soothing rise here or a dip there helps to attain those erotic crescendos.

There are just a handful of products that brighten up my relationship more than when I get a new Liberator furniture in my mailbox. This is not to say my relationship doesn’t have flame already; I luv to think it’s like a lovely hand-made curry powder with just the appropriate amount of kick, but since each shape is unique they all require lots of research. And by research I’m pointing to sex. And by sex I’m pointing to sex in as many positions and many ways as possible that work with the new shape complete with loads of getting off. Unlike some other erotic toys I review, getting a new vibrator or dildo in my mailbox is not as fascinating for onyx as getting a new piece of Liberator furniture.

The Hipster product from Liberator is a little bit similar to the Liberator Ramp which I already had when I received the Hipster in my mailbox. They have the same width and just a bit  different in height (1 inch or 2) but the main difference between the 2 of them is their incline. The Liberator Ramp has a straight slope while Liberator Hipster has 2 very open curves.

While these curves may not seem like much of a difference, they really are for a variety of reasons. The curves of the Liberator Hipster are more comfortable for the body to conform to, or at least for my very figure 8 body to conform to. I notice that my back is less stressed while lying on the Liberator Hipster than on the Liberator Ramp, something I hadn’t notice until I had both of them to compare against each other. While the Ramp is far more comfortable than shoving loads of pillows underneath you to get similar effect it also is less conforming than the Liberator Hipster. However, depending on your size this may or may not stay true for you, I could see the comparison being a whole lot different for smaller people.

I also basically think that the Liberator Hipster is easier to move and hold on to since it is somewhat lighter and also generally easier to get a hold of. I’m not completely certain why this is, perhaps because it is less stiff & rigid than the Ramp is, but in any case that’s what I’ve experienced.

It is more convenient for me to lay on the Liberator Hipster on my back with my ass at the height of it and my head at the bottom . I feel less like I’m fighting gravity to keep me from slipping back towards my head like I do with the Ramp. I’m assuming this is because my body is sinking conveniently into the curves of the Hipster while on the Ramp I’m just on the sharp edge that doesn’t have a whole lot of traction and doesn’t stop me from sliding down.

There’s likewise a thrilling pose that can be obtained with the Liberator Hipster that is not nearly so easy with the Ramp. This is something you could do with a pillow or with the Whirl and possibly other shapes like the cube though I can’t say for sure having not had the opportunity of experiencing either of these.

As much as I loved the Ramp I love the Liberator Hipster moreso, something I didn’t think would be possible but Liberator just had to come out with something even better. While the Ramp has its own perks – interlocking with the Liberator Wedge for notable instance – the Hipster’s sexy curves really do make a massive difference.